Living with stoma...
...and the accompanying circumstances, which often remain unmentioned!             

Development, personal background and experience in dealing with stoma:

My partner fell ill with a biliary tract tumor, which soon after a long time made a small intestine drainage unavoidable. I would like to invite you to participate in my experience as an active companion and my observations to understand that AP-Stoma-Bag is not a commercial product, but rather a matter of the heart. Take a few minutes and perhaps I can give you some encouragement as a person affected or a relative in my contribution.

You can certainly understand that the operation to remove an intestinal obstruction with the possibly expected result of an artificial anus was a shock for my life partner (hereafter LP). The complete fact in the hospital wake-up room left no doubt, the intestine has been removed and transferred to the abdominal wall. Countless brochures about stoma bags lay on the bedside table in the patient's room, which made my generally very courageous and cheerful (albeit in the fight against cancer) LP quite thoughtful and melancholic. He, the aesthete who never had any idea that his utilization should now get into a bag before his eyes.

The admission nurse (also called stomatotherapist) introduced him to the handling of the anus praeter system (which I will not go into further here) and after several practice sessions the patient was allowed to go home. What actually only became apparent in practice were the challenges in the areas of nutrition, exercise, sleeping (...not comfortable on the stomach anymore) and much more.

However, the mental strain is often overplayed by doctors, nurses or carers. You just proceed pragmatically and pretend that this is the most normal thing in the world to have an artificial anus. First of all, the mushy diet had to be adhered to so that the intestine and the opening healed and a normal diet was possible at all. This means that the sputum in the bag was "liquid" and the adhesive cuffs (technical term: plates) attached to the skin around the abdominal opening, which were supposed to hold the bag, were always softened and made the adhesion unstable.

Continuous changing of the stoma bags became the daily task. This in turn inflamed the skin, which in turn meant that the cuffs/plates were also not tight because of the scab crusts. Here I do not want to reproach the manufacturers, but rather describe which tests accompanied us. The pulpy food and the chemotherapy had the consequence that my LP had steadily decreased, whereupon again body folds formed and the adhesive cuffs had a renewed reason not to adhere to the so-called abdominal lobes.

At this point I would like to point out that the statutory health insurance funds only approve a certain quota and the additional expenditure is not approved.

Going out, eating or walking, shopping etc..., were no longer possible. The constant fear that the bag will fall off, the skin cannot hold the weight of the filling quantity, the permanent indisposition that bystanders might perceive the penetrating smell, all intentions to go out "light-heartedly" with this handycap left.

From these and many more experiences, dear readers, I have developed the AP Stoma Bag and brought it to the market as a world novelty. A bag that looks like a money bag to the outside and can offer a new attitude to life thanks to its security, stability and wearing comfort.

If my LP still died from the consequences of his cancer, I would like to tell you that he had carried this bag and was able to do some more activities on his own or together with me, for example a steamboat trip. This product is the result of everyday life with a stoma without which I would never have been able to develop such a valuable product as the AP stoma bag.

I would like to mention in this text that I have worked in the care of physically handicapped adults for several years and have numerous experiences in dealing with anus praeter. In any case, this valuable knowledge has benefited my life partner and perhaps also you now. 

I will be happy to answer your questions about further life situations with an artificial anus or look forward to welcoming you soon in my BLOG.

Thank you for your attention to my very personal experience!