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Do (again) what you want!

Go back to swimming, dancing, cafés or the park. With AP-Stoma-Bag you enjoy your self-determined everyday life again. Shopping, a sightseeing tour or a ride on the bike - all this you can do with AP-Stoma-Bag and much, much more.

Anus Preter AP-Stoma-Bag

Advantages of our world novelty, the AP Stoma Bag

  • Discreet privacy screen!
  • Washable material, therefore ideal for unlimited reuse (excluding wear)
  • With only 24g, the lightest bag imaginable. Don't weight the anus praeter bag.
  • Safety: Belly/hip belt also for the filling quantity of up to 800g. 
  • No more worrying if the plate comes off the stomach that the clothes are ruined (even in public), because the AP stoma bag catches the mishap. 
  • No external pressure on the anus praeter itself through the plug in the pants. No unpleasant back gases in the intestine. The AP stoma bag is not worn in your pants but over them.
  • Odour control as additional protection, as the anuspreter bags must be breathable to avoid gas return. Idea: A small fragrance bag/scarf cloth with the perfume/scent of your choice finds an ideal depot in the AP stoma bag.
  • Generous back opening so that all common anus praeter cuff systems can be passed through. 
  • Generous front opening to be able to check the bag fullness at any time.
  • Stripping slot for stripping the contents of the bag at any time without having to deposit the entire system.
  • Easy to open and close belt and snap closure.
  • Please inform yourself under DETAILS about the technical data, material and design with the corresponding picture descriptions.

AP-Stoma-Bag Anus Preter


In the Federal Republic of Germany, approximately 150,000 people are affected by diseases such as cancer or accidents caused by an ileostomy (body opening e.g. artificial anus).


Despite the many providers of anus praeter bags that are glued directly to the skin around the body opening (plate), people affected often have everyday disadvantages, such as going out without worries. 

Please read my field report under Development.


With AP-Stoma-Bag, we have succeeded in giving patients new courage to face life and thus regain their independence and autonomy many times over. AP-Stoma-Bag is a specially designed hip bag for the comfort and safety of an anus praeter.