"For a barrier-free and self-determined life"


Aid-Care offers people with disabilities specially developed products for their everyday life.

Whether the patient has a prosthesis (e.g. leg prosthesis), is a wheelchair user, and/or has any number of other handicaps. Our specific intention is for our ideas to benefit any human being. Our products are designed, as far as possible, to offer independence by reducing the patient’s reliance on outside help. Barrier-free and self-determined is our motto and we achieve this on fair terms. With great care for  the products’ sustainability,  manufactured by a socially insured team employed on a wage-equitable basis.  

First we concentrate on the world novelty AP-Stoma-Bag! Especially the handling of stoma patients; people with an artificial anus:

People with an artificial anus, stoma for short, who in many cases find it difficult to switch to handling an anus praeter. For this specific challenge, we have created the AP-Stoma-Bag to achieve a self-determined and independent life. Please read more under "Development" about me and the course of my experiences, which have brought me to this product, the AP-Stoma-Bag. Thank you very much.

Problems with incontinence or sweating 

We offer you a unique product developed especially for wheelchair users. A cushion with a special filling foam that does not store moisture. No waterlogging occurs because the material does not bind moisture and is also permeable to air. The likewise special 3D cover has the property that it dries within a short time. 

Furthermore an ideal seat and back surface to also reduce annoying sweating. This special product is available in sizes ranging from small cushions to comfortable mattresses for lying and sleeping. 

We are glad to make you an offer as soon as we have the required dimensions. Please send us an email. Thank you very much.


Soon we will hire a specialist who will be responsible for the installation of zippers. This way you will be able to send us your clothes and receive them back installed with zippers or desired button plackets.  The idea is to divide the garment into front and back, then zip back on so that the back can be placed on the wheelchair. After the patient has taken their seat in the wheelchair, the front can be put on comfortably and secured again with a zipper. Result: the often unpleasant covering of sweaters or lifting need not be necessary for the paraplegic person when fitting trousers over the buttocks. With this offer we intend for you to be able to dress and undress independently of assistance. We only charge for material and time expenses; you will have your favourite clothes back within a few days. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

Suggestions for your special needs

Please let us know where you need support in your everyday life. Where can we contribute to develop new product specifications together with you? We try to cover a wide target group and like to have an open eye for individual and/or special productions.