...a stable wearing comfort with AP-Stoma-Bag

Technical details:

Discreet privacy screen AP-Stoma-Bag

Discreet privacy screen / Optical belly pocket / Prevents marks on the anus praeter:

The idea of the AP-StomaBag was first developed to ensure discreet privacy. At the same time, however, the product ensures additional wearing comfort, since the anus praeter does not clamp off the intestinal contents (which can cause gas and intestinal contents back pressure) by the usual pushing into the trousers, but rather allows freedom of movement and carrying. 
The design and colour (standard) are simple and unobtrusive.

Generous back opening AP-Stoma-Bag

Generous back opening:

No matter in which situation you find yourself to have to carry out a quick AnusPreter change. We have kept to the average plate size offered as a guideline so that all systems can be retrofitted without having to remove the AP stoma bag.

stripping slot AP-Stoma-Bag

Empty discreetly on the way:

The bag can be emptied smoothly with a specially designed slot without having to remove the entire bag system. The slotting device makes it possible to strip all types of anus praeter systems over this, which is of course only intended for stripper bags. If you have a disposable bag, please let us know; we will omit the slot device in production, but this will not affect the price.

Generous intervention AP-Stoma-Bag

Generous intervention:

Experience has shown that anus praeter carriers or people with an artificial anus check the current filling quantity of their bag at regular, often very short intervals in order to avert an imminent mishap or to allow for a timely change or emptying. This so-called test handle on the bag can already be described subconsciously as automatism. This is precisely why we have taken into account a generous intervention device that facilitates and discreetly facilitates the constant test grip without any effort.

Strong wide belt AP-Stoma-Bag

Strong wide belt:

In order to ensure the highest possible level of safety and reliable protection, we decided on a very wide belt that is sewn into the bag system during product development. With a possible filling quantity and a carrying weight of up to 1000 grams, a narrower belt would tear into the skin.  
The clip closure belt 4 cm wide is standardly designed for a hip or waist circumference of 84 cm to 124 cm. 
A separate waist circumference would be quite possible if you explicitly state this in your order with correct measurements. However, we would have to charge extra for time and material. Thank you for your understanding.

Click closures AP-Stoma-BagClick closures AP-Stoma-Bag

Click closures:

It can be opened quickly if necessary. With this in mind, we decided to use the click lock. 
Eyelets, buttons, loops or other fastening systems do not allow one-handed opening. 
The washable and durable click fasteners are made of solid plastic. A guarantee for a secure hold.

Washable polyester material AP-Stoma-Bag

Washable polyester:

With the fine-meshed light plastic material, you do not actually need a second copy, as it is immediately washable and reusable. However, we recommend a second counterpart to always have an AP stoma exchange bag available. Not in all situations you have the possibility to wash out a contamination properly.
100% polyester

Odour absorbing no smelling AP-Stoma-Bag

Odour absorbing:

One of the biggest concerns of an anus praeter wearer is the fear of unwanted odour. Especially when medicaments or chemotherapies intensify the intestinal odour.

plate adhesion unsafe AP-Stoma-Bag

Problem example: plate adhesion unsafe due to, among other things, abdominal creases:

When changing to a life with an anus praeter, an initial (sometimes sustained) weight loss with skin wrinkles may occur. In the case of wrinkling or skin sensitivity (allergies, skin irritation due to plate adhesive or filling weight or even liquid intestinal output) and in the healing of skin wounds (scab), plate adhesion is often no longer reliable. 
In this type of problem, those affected are inhibited from approaching an independent life in public. - Fear that the plate may come loose at any time (even during movements such as sitting or standing up). You're avoiding the road out.
With an AP Stoma Bag it can be ensured that a public mishap can be prevented because the AnusPreter slides into the AP Stoma Bag and the clothing is initially protected from contamination in order to be able to go to the nearest toilet for changing the anus praeter bag.

Anus Preter Stoma-Bag

Key technical data at a glance:

  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Total: 11,7 x 9,7cm
  • back opening: 4 x 4cm
  • Stripping slot: 2cm
  • belt width: 4 cm
  • Belt length/diameter: 84 cm up to 124 cm
  • belt click fastener: 4cm
  • Front opening click closure: 2cm
  • Access opening: 13 x 4,5cm
  • Washable
  • Total weight: 130 g, of which belt: 106g, bag: 24g
  • Color AP-Stoma-Bag: silver
  • Belt colour: black